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Galénic Science

the galénic science as dna

The Galénic science of assimilation and penetration ensures the full delivery of powerful active ingredients beyond skin barrier to skin cells, while also preserving their efficacy. Our aim is to ensure the effective delivery of active ingredients deep within the skin, maximizing their efficacy and providing skincare benefits at the cellular level stimulating cellular activity and skin’s natural biological processes.

We believe science is the bedrock of progresses and we are constantly pushing its boundaries. Driven by ongoing innovation and scientific research, we continuously elevate the standards of beauty.

Continuously evolving, we enhance the performance of our products by leveraging innovative bioassimilation active ingredients, advanced delivery systems, cutting-edge technologies, and a deep understanding of skin physiology.


We embrace the legacy of French pharmaceutical rigor of our genesis by crafting all our products entirely in France and adhering to the highest standards of performance, quality, safety, and efficacy.
Meticulously tested at every stage of development, we honor the rigorous principles instilled by Pierre Fabre.

Perpetuating its heritage as a pioneering brand of innovative skincare, Galénic continuously builds upon its knowledge through collaborations with experts in dermatology. Thanks to these collaborations and the launch of a dedicated R&D Center in Toulouse. Galénic innovates and actively participates in the scientific progress in dermatology to enhance the performance of its future products.

Our Master Formulators are guided by extensive scientific research and strategic partnerships with cosmetology, dermatology, and biotechnology experts, all our products ensure measurable and visible enhancements to the skin. All testing undergoes meticulous validation through rigorous scientific scrutiny, ensuring an evidence-based approach and clinical effectiveness.