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Couture Secret d'Excellence offers the extraordinary force of the snow Algae in its exceptional skincare products. A powerful anti-oxidant that offers multi-dimensional anti-aging action with brightening properties.

Couture Secret d'Excellence


The Galénic Master formulators have applied their exceptional expertise to the development of Couture Secret d’Excellence. This unprecedented formula is a cocktail of powerful active ingredients to make skin youthful and radiant.

This powerful anti-aging action is made possible with the extraction of the Acti-Khloto from the Snow Algae, which stimulates skin preservation mechanisms and therefore boost longevity. The Snow Algae grows at the top of the mountains and survives the most extreme conditions by producing powerful antioxidants to survive winter.

Designed to act deep in the skin, the Snow Algae in Couture Secret d’Excellence increases the production of collagen present in the epidermis and presents its degradation, delaying the appearance of signs of ageing. Clinical tests show evidence that Couture Secret d’Excellence smoothes wrinkles, hydrates, firms, went out skin tone and revives radiance.

Couture Secret d’Excellence has been developed combining cutting-edge scientific research with French elegance. Each formula is a scientific breakthrough wrapped in made-to-measure packaging. Just like snow melting on the sun light, each feature fuses with the skin for optimal active penetration. A subtle and precisely crafted
of factory signature completes the luxurious experience for a blossoming of the senses.