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Active ingredients

At the heart of Couture Secret d'Excellence are two powerful active ingredients for an exceptional formula that delivers both emotion and results.

Acti-Klotho, to preserve skin's youthfulness and correct the signs of aging.
Circalys® to reduce signs of fatigue, modulate stress and mood swings.

Couture Secret d'Excellence is an all-encompassing well-being collection that combats the visible signs of aging while guaranteeing an absolute exaltation of beauty, senses and sensations.



In Greek mythology, Clotho was one of the three daughters of Zeus. She was one of the Moires, responsible for spinning the days and events of life. Clotho was the goddess of Destiny.

The name "Acti-Klotho" was inspired by the action of snow algae on the Klotho protein: this unusual algae has the ability to increase the synthesis of the Klotho protein.

This protein is linked to a cell receptor and has an impact on skin cells. It is this protein that reproduces cellular fasting and prolongs cell longevity. This is why snow algae, and therefore Acti-Klotho, have regenerative effects, improving skin on many levels, such as resistance to oxidative stress, detoxification and cell repair.

Since the dawn of life, organisms have managed to adapt and evolve according to their environment.

Acti-Klotho can be considered an "ageing retardant", helping the skin to retain its properties and correct the signs of ageing.

Acti-Klotho is at the heart of the Couture Secret d'Excellence formula, a powerful active ingredient capable of suspending time by delaying its visible effects on the skin.



With Circalys®, Galénic is revolutionizing the skincare industry by introducing neuroscience* and emotions as key elements.

Circalys® is a natural active ingredient derived from the (Andrographis Paniculata). Native to from India, green chirette is a plant with  detoxifying properties. It is one of the most widely most widely used in traditional Asian medicines such as Ayurvedic medicine.
Andrographis paniculata is renowned for its and has excellent anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory properties, immunostimulant and antioxidant properties.

Circalys® acts as a booster of the Brain Skin" axis, promoting biological pathways and ensuring better communication for relaxed skin. It stimulates oxytocin, a hormone linked to positive emotions and prevents skin ageing, but also endocannabinoids and endorphins, which endorphins, which effectively modulate stress and mood swings. In other words, this innovative active ingredient helps reduce the visible signs of fatigue of fatigue on the face, while providing an energizing "feel good" sensation for a real everyday pleasure.

*Neuroscience is a field of research that enables us to better understand how our brain works. As the brain is highly complex, it is the vital driver of many of our body's processes. At Galénic, we have focused on the "Brain-Skin" axis, conducting in-depth studies to demonstrate the emotional impact our cosmetics can have.