At the heart of Couture Secret d'Excellence are two powerful active ingredients for an exceptional formula that provides as many emotions as results.

L'Acti-Klotho, pour préserver la jeunesse de la peau et corriger les signes de l'âge.
Le Circalys®pour réduire les signes de fatigue, moduler le stress et les changements d'humeur.

Couture Secret d'Excellence is an all-encompassing wellness collection that combats the visible signs of ageing while guaranteeing an absolute exaltation of beauty, senses and sensations.



A true treasure of longevity, Snow Algae produces powerful energy to survive in hostile environments.

By activating the Klotho gene, a longevity gene, it increases the natural renewal of skin cells.

Galénic's master formulators have selected its power to preserve the skin's youthfulness.

Acti-Klotho is a cosmetic active ingredient derived from snow algae. This algae grows at the top of the mountains, in extreme conditions. Covered by snow in winter, it adapts to survive in summer by developing survival and adaptation strategies that allow it to develop.

Snow algae increases the production of collagen in the epidermis. In other words, it protects and strengthens the components of the skin to promote its longevity. Thus, the skin barrier is strengthened and the skin appears more hydrated, firmer and more radiant.

Acti-Klotho can be considered as an "aging retardant", helping the skin to maintain its properties and correct the signs of aging. The active ingredient Acti-Klotho is at the heart of the Couture Secret d'Excellence formula, capable of suspending time by delaying its visible effects on the skin.



Thanks to Circalys®, Galénic is revolutionizing the skin care industry by introducing neuroscience* and emotions as key elements.

Circalys® is a natural active ingredient derived from the green chirette. Originating from India, the green chirette is a plant with detoxifying virtues, recognized for its immune defenses, and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Energizing, this active ingredient helps reduce the visible signs of fatigue on the face and effectively modulates stress and mood changes, thus providing a feeling of well-being.

*Neuroscience is a field of research that allows us to better understand the functioning of our brain. The brain is very complex and is the vital driver of many of our body's processes. At Galénic, we have focused on the "Brain-Skin" axis and have conducted in-depth studies to show the emotional impact that our cosmetic products can have.

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