La Science est au cœur de la collection Couture Secret d’Excellence. Galénic est la science des pharmaciens, une science qui permet une parfaite harmonie entre les ingrédients, en les incorporant dans les meilleures combinaisons de textures. 


Science is at the heart of the Couture Secret d'Excellence collection. Galénic is the science of pharmacists, a science that allows for perfect harmony between ingredients, incorporating them in the best combinations of textures. It is a true art: the art of mixing active ingredients to reinforce their effectiveness. Once absorbed, they will release their optimal potential.

The perfect formula is constantly reinvented by Galénic's scientists. It is this quest for excellence that drives them to select the best ingredients. Always looking for the best possible results. Our Research & Development department thinks, designs, assembles, and tests ingredients in order to develop unique and high-end formulas. Our researchers are constantly pushing the limits of their know-how in the creation of new subtle and refined textures that provide the skin with unprecedented sensations.

This global anti-aging action owes its effectiveness to a unique combination of active ingredients: Acti-Klotho and Circalys®, two ingredients that act on the longevity of the skin. The use of Couture Secret d'Excellence for at least one month guarantees remarkable results in the long term.


An exceptional formula must provide as many results as pleasure. The Couture collection is not only a combination of powerful active ingredients with targeted action, we have gone further to conceive a global concept: Aging Well.

With the creation of Couture Secret d'Excellence, Galénic is revolutionizing the skin care industry. Introducing neuroscience* and emotions as key elements thanks to Circalys®! Because we know that an exceptional formula must provide as much results as pleasure.

*Neuroscience is a field of research that allows us to better understand the functioning of our brain. The brain is very complex and is the vital driver of many of our body's processes. At Galénic, we have focused on the "Brain-Skin" axis and have conducted in-depth studies to show the emotional impact that our cosmetic products can have.

Studies have shown that our Feel Good Cream, when used daily, is associated with a significant improvement of an anti-stress effect and a soothing sensation.

We believe that beauty is more than just appearance. Couture Secret d'Excellence is a true well-being collection that fights against the visible signs of aging while guaranteeing an absolute exaltation of beauty, senses and sensations.

A global concept to focus on what is most important: ourselves. Our body, our skin, our health, our well-being. It's time to take a well-deserved break and appreciate the results in their entirety.

The Feel Good Cream Tested and approved

After 28 days of use, the skin looks more relaxed. 93%** of women say so.

- 72%** of women find that their skin looks rejuvenated.

- 84%** of women say that this product increases their sense of well-being.

After 28 days of use:
- Stress is reduced by 31.3%***

- The feeling of calm is increased by 18.1%*****Consumer use test on 60 women aged 35 to 65 for 28 days.

**Consumer use test on 60 women aged 35 to 65 for 28 days.

***Clinical evaluation of emotional state carried out on 60 women after repeated applications of the Cream for 28 days.

Feel Good Serum Tested and approved

After 27 days of use:

- 76.7%** of women perceived an overall improvement in their wrinkles, fine lines, folds and pores.

- 75%** of women said their skin looked younger.

- A +18.6%*** gain in skin luminosity.

- Skin tone is more even at +38.4%***. 74.5%** of women approved of this increase.

- Firmer skin at +65.7%***. 78.1%** of women perceived an improvement.

**Consumer use test of 32 women aged 35 to 67 for 27 days.

***In vivo clinical evaluation on 32 women for 27 days.

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